Why choose a battery charger?


Frequent short trips and constant stops and starts make your battery work very hard, especially in winter when the heaters, headlights, heated windows and wipers may be on most of the time. Eventually, the battery will not have enough power to start the starter motor because more current is drawn from the battery than the alternator can recover. A battery in this state of discharge is considered dead.


You can avoid dying batteries if you have a battery charger, a relatively inexpensive but worthwhile accessory. It uses the mains current to supplement the power lost by the battery through the positive and negative leads clipped to the corresponding battery terminals.




Hisolar brand battery charger is to charge your home battery through fully automatic three-stage charging method (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge) to ensure that it is optimally and automatically charged to 100%, requiring a charging cycle Manually disconnect when finished.


It contains LED signal indicators, which can indicate different charging status, allowing you to easily monitor the charging status of the battery. This battery charger can add an external temperature sensor to adjust the voltage output according to temperature conditions.



Fully automatic three-stage charging method:

1. In the constant current charging stage, the charging current of the charger remains constant, the charging power increases rapidly, and the battery voltage rises.

2. In the constant voltage charging stage, the charging voltage of the charger remains unchanged, the charging capacity continues to increase, the battery voltage rises slowly, and the charging current decreases.

3. In the floating charging stage, the charging voltage of the charger is kept at the floating charging voltage, which can better protect the battery from damage due to overcharging.




Which battery charger is right for you?


If you want something to maintain your car or truck battery, choose a charger that works best with a 12V battery like this, and is capable of running at least 15 amps, it will adapt itself to the needs of the vehicle when needed, that way, you have Nothing will be damaged and no more time will be spent charging your battery.


Note: Not all car batteries are created equal. While most modern cars use 12-volt wet batteries, not every car does. When choosing a battery charger, first determine the type of battery your car has.


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