New technologies, new products, new tricks... Inverter companies are all here!


On March 20, the 2023 18th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference was grandly opened at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition will further promote the integration and development of new energy and traditional energy, and ensure the green and low-carbon development of the energy industry and the steady and long-term progress of energy transformation. The largest event in the entire industry chain of distributed energy in the Asia-Pacific region is coming.




It is reported that this year's "Solar Energy Exhibition" has an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters. It is the largest exhibition in history, allowing more companies to fully display. During the exhibition, it was found that there were many "layman" enterprises in the exhibition, and they also came to participate in the exhibition to understand Photovoltaic.


A strong enterprise breeds excellent products, and excellent products and high-quality services create influential brands. As a professional provider of inverters, Hisolar’s products are not only efficient in performance, but also have the characteristics of safety, reliability, intelligence and flexibility, and help users save energy and reduce consumption, fully embodying the principle of benefit priority. With excellent technology and quality, Hisolar power inverters have successively passed the tests and certifications of CE, ROHS and other authoritative organizations.

Hisolar New Energy has always been centered on R&D and production, driven by reform and innovation, and guaranteed by product quality. In the future, the inverter business will also maintain rapid growth, continue to accelerate the promotion of overseas strategies, continue to deepen cooperation with multiple channels, and serve global customers with advanced power inverter products and power solutions of Hisolar!


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