Do you know about RV inverters?


Why is there an inverter on the RV?


Generally, vehicles are powered by batteries, which can meet daily needs. However, due to the particularity of RVs, the 12V current provided by batteries alone cannot meet the needs of life in many cases. 12V batteries in RVs can only make small power appliances work normally, such as 12V Refrigerators, LED lights, ventilation fans, etc., and if you want to use high-power appliances such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, and electric kettles, you need an inverter.


Also because of this, there needs to be an inverter on the RV to convert the 12V DC power of the RV into 220V AC power to provide stable AC power for various high-power electrical appliances in the RV.



What should be paid attention to during the use of RV inverters?


1. The inverter can bring us a lot of convenience in our RV life, but in the process of using it, we must also use it in a standardized manner.


2. The output voltage of the inverter is 220V AC. It is in a small space and is in a movable state to prevent electric shock. When not in use, cut off the input power.


3. The working environment temperature of the inverter should not exceed 45°C.


4. The inverter will generate heat when it is working, so do not place objects near or on it.


5. The inverter is afraid of water, so be careful not to touch it.

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