How to use car battery charger?


lChoose a charger that matches the car battery


The batteries used in current family cars are generally maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with a rated voltage of 12V. When purchasing a car battery charger, you must know the battery type of your car to choose a suitable battery charger. At the same time, it is best to choose a charger of about 10A, and the charging current is small, which is more conducive to protecting the battery.



lIt is recommended to remove the battery and charge it in a well-ventilated room.


It is very convenient to disassemble the battery of a family car. The owner can do it by himself. After turning off all the electrical appliances in the car, lock all the windows and doors, open the engine cover, and loosen the screw of the negative pole of the battery with a small wrench, the battery can be removed from the battery. Remove the negative wire from the negative pole head. Remove the battery positive connection in the same way. Pay attention to remove the negative connection first, and then remove the positive connection.


Charge the battery. When installing, first connect the positive pole and then the negative pole. When tightening the fastening screws of the battery pile head with a small wrench, it is necessary to use force, but not too much force, otherwise it may cause the screw to slip.


When moving the battery, handle it with care, keep the positive and negative poles of the battery facing up, and do not turn the battery upside down.


When charging, first connect the output of the charger to the positive and negative poles of the battery, and then insert the 220V plug of the charger into the mains socket.


When connecting the battery, be sure to pay attention to the correspondence between the positive and negative wiring and the battery pile head, positive to positive, negative to negative. For a charger without reverse connection protection, reverse connection will cause damage to the charger and battery.


lIt is recommended to buy Hisolar car battery charger with reverse polarity protection


1. If conditions permit, you can also charge the battery in the car. When charging, be sure to disconnect the negative connection!


2. Strong suggestions: choose to charge the car battery during the day, and the car owner or the car owner entrusts a special person to check it every 30 minutes to an hour, touch the battery shell, whether the charger is overheated, and whether there is any peculiar smell during the charging process. If there is any abnormality, stop charging immediately.


3. Smoking is strictly prohibited during the operation process.

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