What are the inverter protection functions?


Photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system consists of solar cell modules, grid-connected inverter, metering device and distribution system. Solar energy is converted into DC power by solar cell components, and then the DC power is converted into sine wave current synchronous with the frequency and phase of the power grid by grid-connected photovoltaicinverter, and the power is fed into the power grid. The photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is the key equipment in the solar power generation system.  As an important electrical equipment in the photovoltaic power generation system, the photovoltaicinverteris equipped with various protection functions, including the following basic protection functions. 

(1) Input overvoltage insured:  When the input voltage is higher than 130% of the rated voltage, the inverter shall have protection and display. 

(2)  Input undervoltage insured:  When the input voltage is lower than 85% of the rated voltage, the inverter shall have protection and display. 

(3)  Input reverse connection protection:  When the input terminal is positive and the negative terminal is negative, the inverter shall have protection function and display. 

(4)  Lightning protection:  The inverter shall be provided with lightning protection. 

(5) Overcurrent protection:  Over-current protection of inverter shall be able to ensure timely action in case of short circuit of load or current exceeding allowable value, so as to avoid damage caused by surge current. When the operating current exceeds 150% of the rated value, the inverter shall be able to automatically protect. 

(6) Output short-circuit protection  The action time of inverter short-circuit protection shall not exceed 0.5s. 

(7) Over-temperature protection, etc.  In addition, for the inverter without voltage stabilization measures, the inverter shall also have output overvoltage protection measures to protect the load from overvoltage damage. An inverter with excellent performance should have complete protection functions or measures to deal with various abnormal conditions that occur during actual use, so that the inverter itself and other components of the system are protected from damage. 

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