How to choose an inverter according to the power of the inverter


How to choose the power of the inverter

1.  For purely resistive household appliances such as heating wires, light bulbs, and solar lamps, the power of the appliance is divided by 0. 9, for example: 100W bulb, 100 divided by 0. 9   =111, so we can use a 120W inverter safely. 

2.  Television, television points two, one is liquid crystal, one is the picture tube. For LCD TVs, as long as the power is 2 times larger than the TV target inverter can be. For example: LCD TV standard 100W, we can definitely use 300W inverter. For the picture tube, because of the large capacitive, degaussing coil is equivalent to an inductive load, the impact is very strong, generally calculated by 10 times the peak value, such as: 100W, peak 1000W, we need to be equipped with more than 500W inverter to drive. 

3. Computer, if it is a liquid crystal display, according to the purchase of LCD TV point plus 90W power selection (computer host power), if it is a picture tube, according to the selection of the display nominal power to calculate its peak power plus 90W (host power is generally within 90W) selection. If you feel trouble, just use the 500W inverter directly, absolutely no problem. 

4.  In fact, if it is the general household use such as TV, computer, audio, fluorescent tube these appliances, we can match a 500W, the price is not high, 200 yuan, like car refrigerator, or at the same time to use several home appliances, buy 1000W, the price of 400 yuan/Taiwan. 

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