Safety issues with energy storage power sources


Make Three Technical Defense Lines Good
 How to solve the safety issues of energy storage? Chen Haisheng said that the industry needs to continue to deploy in advance and further promote the development of energy storage security technology.   
 Sun Jinhua, professor of the University of Science and Technology of China and academician of the European Academy of Sciences, said that to ensure the safety of energy storage, three technical lines of defense must be done well: in terms of battery development, research and development of battery materials such as nonflammable and nonflammable electrolyte, and construction of the first line of defense of the body safety battery system; In terms of battery application, the second line of defense of battery use safety is ensured through multi signal fusion and early warning based on Thermal runaway model; In terms of fire disposal, we have developed multiple fire extinguishing technologies to suppress battery reignition and form the third line of defense for fire safety.  
 Chen Liquan said that we need to vigorously support and carry out research and development of new battery materials and new battery systems, while also strengthening innovation and safety verification of system integration technology.  
 Li Hong said that replacing flammable liquid electrolytes with nonflammable and more stable solid electrolytes to form hybrid solid liquid batteries or all Solid-state battery can significantly improve the safety boundary of batteries, making them safer and more energy dense.   
 It is reported that at the seminar, Hibiscus launched a new generation of HyperSafe series Solid-state battery energy storage system. The biggest feature of the Solid-state battery energy storage system is that through a series of technological innovations, the system level Intrinsic safety is achieved. The battery adopts solid-state electrolyte technology and ion conductor film technology, which ensures the stability of the lithium ion transport interface and further reduces the possibility of lithium branch crystal formation, thereby reducing the temperature rise of the battery in various extreme situations.   
Develop and improve relevant standards

 To solve the problem of energy storage security, in addition to improving technical level, relevant standards should also be formulated to promote the large-scale and standardized development of the industry. 
 Chen Zheng stated that safety is the foundation of high-quality development, and only with safety as the premise can new energy storage better play a supporting role in the new power system. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and improve the technical standards and management system for energy storage safety, pointing out the direction for consolidating the foundation of new energy storage safety.  
 Chen Haisheng said that it is necessary to establish and improve the standard system for energy storage planning, design, equipment, and experiments, improve the performance and safety testing and certification standards of energy storage products, establish a national level testing and certification agency, strengthen and improve the quality supervision of the entire life cycle of energy storage products, safeguard the safe development of the energy storage industry, and promote the better development of the energy storage industry.

 The formulation of standards cannot be separated from the support of relevant government departments. Jin Lei, Director of the Basic Department of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that we need to strengthen standardized management, continue to implement industry guidance documents, and promote the accelerated development, transformation, and upgrading of the energy storage industry; Strengthen industry collaboration, introduce specific measures for the coordinated development of the industrial chain and supply chain, and ensure the supply of high-quality products; Strengthen standard guidance, accelerate the revision and formulation of relevant standards for the energy storage industry, and promote the healthy and safe development of the energy storage industry.

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