What are the common questions about portable power station?


1、 The concept of outdoor power supply
Outdoor power supply is a multifunctional portable energy storage power supply with built-in lithium-ion batteries, which can store electrical energy and have AC output. Featuring easy portability, high capacity, high power, long service life, and strong stability
2、 Working principle of outdoor power supply
The outdoor power supply consists of a control board, battery pack, inverter, and BMS system, which can convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) for other electrical appliances through the inverter. At the same time, it also supports various interface DC outputs to charge various electrical equipment.
3、 The role of outdoor power supply
The outdoor power supply has AC, USB, Type-C, DC, automobile cigarette lighter and many other power interfaces, which can supply power for mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, drones, ipads, Rice cooker, electric cookers, Induction cooking, projectors, electric fans, Kettle, cars, battery cars and other equipment. It is suitable for outdoor camping, outdoor fishing, outdoor live broadcast, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, outdoor rescue, outdoor stalls High power consumption scenarios such as emergency home power outages.
4、 Selection parameters for outdoor power supply
① Battery capacity
The key to choosing an outdoor power source is to see its battery capacity, which means how long it takes to fully charge it. The larger the battery capacity of the outdoor power supply, the more sufficient the power, and the longer it can be used. Outdoor power sources on the market generally have capacities ranging from 0.5 kWh to 2.5 kWh, and their prices also vary greatly. If we use a large amount of electricity for a long time, we can choose an outdoor power supply with a battery capacity of about 1 kilowatt hour.
② Output power

The output power of outdoor power sources determines the type and quantity of electrical appliances driven. The power of large household appliances on the market is generally between 100W and 2000W, such as 1000W for air conditioners, 800W for water kettles, and 300W for televisions. Therefore, in order to meet more outdoor electricity needs, it is recommended to choose outdoor power sources with power between 1000W and 1500W, which can be compatible with most electrical appliances.