What is a Power inverter?


An inverter (or power inverter) is a power electronics device which used to convert DC voltage into AC voltage. Although DC power is used in small electrical gadgets, most household equipment runs on AC power. Hence we need an efficient way to convert DC power into AC power.

The inverter is a static device. It can convert one form of electrical power into other forms of electrical power. But it cannot generate electrical power. Hence the inverter is a converter, not a generator.

It can be used as a standalone device such as solar power or back power for home appliances. The inverter takes DC power from the batteries and converts into AC power at the time of the power failure.

A power inverter used in the power system network to convert bulk DC power to AC power. i.e. It used at the receiving end of HVDC transmission lines. This inverter is known as a grid-tie inverter.

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