Are nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium battery chargers common


1. Different nimH batteries and lithium batteries lead to different charging requirements

Although nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery are batteries, but are two completely different properties of the battery, not only because of the raw material manufacturing is different, in charge and discharge performance is also very different.

For the nickel metal hydride battery can accept the charging current is generally at 1C rate or below, the vast majority of the charge is at 0.2C rate, the charging time is relatively long, a small part of the charge is to 0.5 to 1C rate, this is a high rate nickel metal hydride battery, can support a large current discharge of the battery, but the charging time is also 2 to 3 hours.

Nimh batteries

For lithium batteries, most can withstand the charging current is generally at 1C to 1.5C rate, charging time is generally about 1 hour, like the mobile phones we use now, charging is generally about an hour. A small part is 2C to 5C rate charging, this belongs to the range of high rate battery, generally some electronic equipment that needs a large current discharge, the time required to charge the full charge will be shorter.

Then it is the nominal voltage of a single nickel metal hydride battery cell is 1.2V, and the nominal voltage of a single lithium battery cell is 3.7V. It is obvious that the voltage difference between them is relatively large, and the charging voltage of the charger is generally certain.

In this way, if a lithium battery charger is used to charge the nickel-metal hydride battery, it is likely to overcharge the nickel-metal hydride battery because the voltage or current is too large, causing serious heating, resulting in battery damage and scrap, and even a spontaneous explosion accident. On the other hand, if a nickel metal hydride battery charger is used to charge the lithium battery, it may never be charged or undercharged.

So nimh battery and lithium battery charger is not general, for the single function of chargers for yes, just small home electric scooters we often use the charger can't in different brand electric vehicles use, unless the two cell types and parameters of electric vehicles is the same as can be, otherwise it will cause a shorter service life of the battery.

For multi-functional chargers, nimH battery and lithium battery charger can be common, but in use, need to set parameters.

2. Intelligent multi-functional charger can meet the charging requirements of nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery

With the development of charger technology, there have been a lot of multi-functional intelligent chargers on the market. There are many kinds of intelligent chargers with different uses. Therefore, when choosing a charger, you need to understand your charging needs and choose a multi-functional charger suitable for application.

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