What is the role of the inverter


The inverter can convert the DC power into the required AC power. Moreover, within a certain time, the switching device can be turned on, turned off, and output, and can also function as a protection circuit. For example, air conditioners, including some power tools, as well as computers, range hoods, refrigerators, etc., all household electrical appliances need to be transformed through inverters in order to operate normally.

Its characteristics are that the conversion efficiency is relatively high, the startup speed is also fast, and it has the functions of short circuit, over temperature and protection. The exterior is made of all-aluminum, and the heat dissipation performance is very good, which increases its wear resistance coefficient and can withstand a certain pressure of extrusion. The stability is also very strong when the load is running, and the function is relatively stable. No matter in the office, such as computer scanners, as well as some small electrical appliances in our daily life, lamps, electric fans, and some electrical appliances that require batteries, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc., when charging, all need to use arrive.

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