Application fields of sine wave inverter


New energy utilization
In a broad sense, new energy refers to solar energy, which includes wind energy, potential energy of water, chemical energy, etc. New energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy will become the main energy sources. These new energy sources are usually collected by photovoltaic cells made of semiconductor materials and transformed into all kinds of electric energy needed by people by certain scientific and technological means. Inverter technology is one of the key technologies.

Elimination of harmonic pollution of municipal power supply
The effective management of harmonic pollution can not only improve the operation quality of electrical equipment and energy conservation, but also related to the safety of national power consumption. By rectifying the mains power and converting it into the mains power standard by using modern inverter technology, the harmonic pollution of mains power can be purified and the safety of electrical equipment and users can be protected. Inverter is an important part of small-scale wind power generation system. It undertakes the task of converting DC into AC to supply power to the load.

Other application fields

Inverter is also widely used in many other fields, such as AC motor variable speed regulation, motor braking, renewable energy feedback, uninterruptible power supply system, induction heating, arc welding power supply, variable frequency power supply, etc.

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