How battery chargers work?


Our mobile phones, electric cars, notebook computers are using lithium batteries, which is now used more of a kind of battery. This article will explain how the battery charger works. The charging process of battery charger is divided into four stages: trickle charging stage, constant current charging stage, constant voltage charging stage, and the final charging termination stage. It's all controlled by a battery charger.

Trickle charging stage refers to the period when the battery charger is connected to the battery. The battery charger detects the internal voltage of the battery. If the voltage is low, the charger automatically controls the current into the battery.

Constant current charging stage is to point to inside the battery voltage reaches the top trickle charging of battery charger numerical, battery charger up to make the valve more current into the battery inside, make the recharge rate of ascension, such as right around inside the battery voltage to 3 v battery charger will be current on control to the next stage.

Constant-voltage charging stage refers to the charger inside the battery voltage is detected quickly close to saturation, to buck charge inside the battery, battery charger in the process according to the temperature of the battery and battery internal current adjusted the direction of, make each unit should be fully charged battery, according to the decompression slowly until the end.

Charging termination stage refers to the battery charger monitoring the internal voltage and current of the battery has been its own maximum capacity automatically cut off the power supply to the internal battery, to protect the general lithium battery charging time in about 3 hours.

battery charger

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