How to distinguish positive and negative electrode of battery charger?


The positive end of the battery charger is red with a + mark, and the black is negative with a - mark.We commonly used battery chargers are mainly divided into three categories, namely ordinary battery chargers, dry charge battery chargers and maintenance-free battery chargers.

Ordinary battery charger; The plates of ordinary battery chargers are made of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantages are stable voltage and low price; Disadvantages are low specific energy, short service life and frequent routine maintenance.

Dry charge battery charger: its full name is dry charge lead-acid battery charger, its main characteristic is the negative plate has high storage capacity, in a completely dry state, can save the amount of electricity obtained in two years, when using, just add electrolyte, such as 20-30 minutes can be used.

Maintenance-free battery charger: Because of the advantages of its structure, the consumption of electrolyte is very small, and distilled water does not need to be added in its service life. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume, small self-discharge. The service life is generally two times that of ordinary battery.
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