In hot weather, the electric car charger does not change the green light? But don't be careless


1. Battery failure:

If thecharger never turns green, one of the possibilities is that the battery is faulty! In summer, the temperature is high, and the heat in the battery can easily evaporate the water inside when charging, which will cause the battery to lose water.


At this time, the battery generally has signs of bulging, and you should go to the maintenance station for maintenance in time. There will be major safety hazards if you continue to ride.


2.Charger failure

The structure of the electric vehiclecharger is not complicated. If there is a fault, the most intuitive display is that the battery cannot be charged! At this time, you can go to the repair shop to try the battery with the matchingcharger. If it can be charged, it is time to replace the newcharger.


Although the structure of the electric vehiclecharger is simple, it is not recommended to repair thecharger without authorization.


3. Electric vehiclechargers should be powered off in time

Regardless of whether the green light of thecharger does not change, the battery is faulty or thecharger is broken, the power supply should be cut off in time! The battery had been plugged in for several hours when I noticed that thecharger didn't light up.


In the high temperature environment in summer, the battery is prone to accidents due to the accumulation of heat. All car owners must unplug the power supply of the electric vehiclecharger in time.


The electric carcharger does not change the green light, everyone must not be careless! Remember the above three points for safe riding!

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