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Portable Power Station

Hisolar is a professional supplier of portable mobile power stations in China,It is very difficult to use electricity after being away from the city. For those engaged in outdoor work, who love self-driving travel and outdoor sports, we have a lot of equipment to use electricity. Because of the enrichment of outdoor forms, electronic digital equipment is gradually applied to the outdoor, and electronic digital equipment has uneven device interfaces and short battery life. In the past, a single small-capacity energy storage power supply could not provide power protection for electronic digital equipment. In order to meet the urgent needs of users for outdoor electricity, Hisolar has launched a variety of outdoor mobile power supplies to provide a feasible solution for outdoor electricity.In order to ensure the safe and efficient use of the product, Hisolar mobile power station will monitor the voltage, current and temperature changes in real time through the BMS battery management system, and carry out eight protections such as high temperature, low temperature, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, overdischarge, short circuit and battery failure protection to maximize the safety of battery use and improve battery cycle life. 

Hisolar Outdoor Power Station  

1.Outdoor camping: for lighting, projector and kitchen power supply;  
2.Self-driving travel: in long and short trips, for car refrigerators, digital equipment power supply;  
3.Outdoor fishing: for outdoor lighting, mobile phone charging use;  
4.Outdoor office: In other environments where electricity resources are scarce, it acts as a "charging station" for electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops;  
5.Outdoor live broadcast: for mobile phones, audio, microphone power supply;  
6.Emergency standby: used for power supply of families, dormitories and units to ensure temporary domestic power demand;  
7.Vehicle emergency: It can be used as an emergency power supply for the car in an emergency. 

HisolarPortable Power Station has the following characteristics:

8.Strong compatibility. AC 220V pure sine wave output and high integrated circuit design, can supply power to most electronic products and electrical equipment such as notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, rice cookers, induction cookers, etc. 

9.Large storage capacity. There are two types of batteries, one is a ternary lithium battery and the other is a lithium iron phosphate battery. The latter has a larger battery capacity, a service life of more than 3 years, and sufficient power.  

10. Easy to carry. Some outdoor mobile power supply weight and volume are relatively small, the display is designed according to the user's needs, the operation is simple and convenient, the product is equipped with a handle, you can carry, travel is very convenient. This is the case with Hisolar outdoor mobile power supplies. 

The Hisolar portable power station is charged in the following ways 

●Solar charging: outdoor power supply and portable solar panels are used together, as long as there is sunlight, you can use solar energy to charge. A 400W solar panel can fully charge the outdoor power supply within 4 hours, providing a steady stream of power for various appliances. In addition, Hisolar outdoor power supply adopts universal input interface, which can be compatible with a variety of solar panels on the market. 
●AC charging: In any place where there is alternating current, it can be charged through the AC interface, and the charging time is 6-12 hours. 
●Car charging: The user can charge through the car charging port, but compared with AC charging, the car charging is slower, generally about 10 hours to full. 
●Type-C charging: If there is a Type-C input port on the product, it can be charged through this interface. 

Application areas of convenient power supply 

1.Solve the problem of electricity consumption for outdoor operations such as environmental monitoring and geological surveys 

In the fields of environmental monitoring, power equipment repair, pipeline maintenance, geological survey, fishery and animal husbandry, the demand for outdoor power supply is strong. The field area is vast, there is no power supply and it is difficult to wire, and it has been faced with the problem that there is no power available, or the power supply cost is too high, the power supply is unstable, and the outdoor operation cannot be carried out normally. At this time, the high-power and large-capacity outdoor power supply is equivalent to a mobile standby power station, which provides safe and stable power supply for the outdoor operation. Moreover, it can also supplement the outdoor power supply with the help of solar panels under sufficient light conditions, further increasing its outdoor endurance. 

2.Synergistic medical epidemic prevention and emergency rescue work

In case of sudden natural disasters and fire hazards, the reliability and safety of power output of normal power grid are damaged, and the operation of emergency lighting lamps and fire-fighting equipment requires power to support. At this time, outdoor power supply can guarantee emergency communication power supply and provide continuous, reliable and safe power. 

3.Improve the quality of people's outdoor life 

With the arrival of the era of great health, more and more people are going outdoors to enjoy the healthy energy brought by nature. When people travel by car, picnic camping and outdoor photography, they cannot do without the support of outdoor power supply. Outdoor power supply can supply power to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, electric kettles and other equipment; The invention can also solve the problems of short endurance, difficult charging and the like of the unmanned aerial vehicle during outdoor flight, and improve the outdoor operation efficiency of the unmanned aerial vehicle.

In the future, Hisolar mobile power station in office, enterprise, crew, photography, travel, fire, medical, emergency, RV, yacht, communications, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, military, military, school laboratory, satellite research institute, telecommunications base station There are a large number of consumer groups in many fields 

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